Welcome to Moon Journal 2021!


Dear Moon Journaler, the Moon Journal 2021 is finally here, better than ever.

Because of the unusual times we are enduring I have decided to offer you Moon Journal 2021 as a free gift.


You are welcome to download it here and print, and use for your own personal growth and development. I know some of you may prefer to write in the pdf file and keep the whole process digital – which you of course can do now. My own preference is writing on paper, which for me is a meditation exercise in itself.

However you wish to use the journal, I hope you will enjoy it.


Based on feedback from you, the ongoing movement through the year has been made clearer in this meditation companion. I have created another wheel of the year illustration that shows this more explicitly – I look forward to hearing what you think of it! You will find it at the bottom of this page.

I have also made other pdf-files available to download – these are tools to aid your meditation and processes through the year. You may wish to print them out and keep them with your journal or diary. This can be a really useful way of bridging the gap between the inner work of the Moon Journal annual meditation companion and the outer work of your everyday activities.

The more you use Moon Journal 2021, the more relevant it becomes. It is your workbook, meant for daily reading, meditation, writing and conversation. Through writing down your intentions, working out what you actually want for yourself and how to say it in an empowering way, you will gently direct your attention to what you want and what is possible for you.


I want to add a note about some underlying concepts. I write about how our intentions and actions are connected with the results we get. Please note that I absolutely accept and understand that there are things that happen to us that are beyond our control. Things we haven’t wanted, stuff we haven’t asked for, in any way. Shit happens. However, when these things happen we still have to deal with them. Make the most of it, learn from them and grow from them. And find our way forward. Attempt to integrate what has happened in some sort of understanding of who we are and who we are becoming. My hope is that Moon Journal 2021 may be an empowering and supportive tool in the pilgrimage that is our lives.