Moon Journal 2019 review by Mary Griffiths, of Body and Soul yoga


I’m really excited to have been asked to review the Moon Journal 2019, especially as the author, Ingvild Skodvin Prestegard, is a fellow Dru teacher and so the journal really resonates with my own teaching and the way Dru yoga incorporates positive statements and affirmations in every sequence and asana.

The book is a handy paperback size and very practical to carry around and use on a daily basis.  There is plenty of space to record personal thoughts and feelings throughout the year.  But, don’t expect it to replace a traditional diary.  The focus is entirely on the major phases of the moon so there are only two dates given each month (the new and the full moon).  The year itself is split into eight sections rather twelve, explained in the introduction as the Wheel of the Year marking the changes of daylight.

Ingvild invites you to use the space provided (partly lined and partly blank) to record your intentions and achievements at each stage.  Your reflections could take the form of writing, drawings or a mixture of both depending on what works best for you.  She also suggests that you look back at your previous entries so that you can reflect on your progress.  Each moon stage is accompanied by a few sentences to use as the focus for meditation with a positive statement (affirmation) in blue italics at the bottom of the same page.

I really like the practical workbook style of this journal and how Ingvild supports you with bonus online material (for example, you can download a larger version of the Wheel of the Year as a meditation aid).  She also has a thriving online community on Facebook where you can share your experience of the journal with others and find videos explaining the moon phases further.  This makes the journal more of a starting point than just a publication in itself and it’s up to you to exploit the resources Ingvild provides to turn the journal into something special and personal by the end of next year.  This is definitely not a book to leave gathering dust on a shelf.

I was surprised at first that only the major phases were actually printed with dates but you could always write the other days in yourself and maybe even note personal feeling and emotions – keeping daily reflections to just one or two words.  The journal’s simplicity makes it easier to remain focused on the moon phases.  The photographs of nature, some clearly taken in the author’s home country of Norway, are lovely and illustrate the seasons well.  The meditations are short but appropriate to each season.  They are a great starting point for guided meditations and I will be using them in my classes next year, but I think the “meditation” segments need to be more detailed to use alone at home.

On the whole, the Moon Journal is a brilliant resource for teachers and lay people alike.  It is available on Amazon for £17.65 which isn’t cheap for such a simple book but worth it when you consider the additional online support and content the author provides.  I’m definitely looking forward to using the journal to follow the moon phases in my classes next year.

This review is my honest and unbiased personal opinion.  I have not received compensation, monetary or otherwise, other than a complimentary copy of the journal.

Moon Journal 2019 review by Alison Belsom, of Sunfish yoga


If you have attended any of my Dru yoga classes, you may already be familiar with one of my favourite sequences, the Moon Salutations. These form a beautiful flowing sequence which helps to bring balance to the endocrine and chakra systems. This sequence, together with meditation, a growing awareness of the phases of the moon, and, for women, an awareness of our own monthly cycles, has been a large part of my approach when teaching Dru yoga classes.

So I was very happy indeed to be asked to review ‘Moon Journal 2019’ by the author and fellow Dru yoga teacher, Ingvild Skodvin Prestegard. Subtitled ‘A Lunar Meditation Companion’, this little book is  a place to learn more about each phase of the moon, and the gifts these confer as we bring our awareness to them.

With affirmations for each New Moon and Full Moon for the coming year, which can be used in meditation and in reflection, each matched to the time of the year and the seasonal changes we experience, the Journal will heighten our awareness of the effects the Lunar phases have on us.  There is ample space for the reader’s own reflections, for goal setting and reviewing progress from month to month. This is enhanced by beautiful photos of nature.

When I received my copy, I read it in its entirety, and am so looking forward to using the Journal throughout the coming year. If you feel connected to the moon, this will enhance that connection.  And if you barely feel that connection as yet, but would like to do to, then the knowledge you will gain from working through this journal will surely help you in that journey.