Moon Journal 2020 review by Taryn Peart, of Yoga with Taryn

I’m recently becoming drawn to learning more about the lunar phases and find the moon energy calming and intriguing. I’ve been teaching Dru Yoga for a couple of years and in this time have become more aware of the lunar cycles, but I admit I’ve only followed them very loosely. As someone who is attracted to yoga asana and physical movement, I often find that I don’t leave enough time for meditation within my practice. I acknowledge a need for balance and the benefits of finding moments of stillness each day and feel that the Moon Journal can help me to do just that.
Reading the introduction by the author is such an inspiring start to the journal, with a welcoming and supporting tone, she invites you along on a wonderful journey. Ingvild’s passion and dedication for the subject really shines through, and I have no doubt this fourth edition is the best yet, having fine tuned the format and content over the years to make it user friendly and meaningful.
The beauty of the journal is that you can work with it to a depth that suits you. You could use the prompts to practice a long meditation, or if you have less time I found that even just reading the prompts puts you on the right track for the day. In terms of frequency you could refer to the journal daily as a reminder of where to focus your thoughts and energy at any time. Or you could follow the specific lunar and seasonal dates in the journal, providing you with thirty-three opportunities for meditation throughout the year.
Life is so fast paced for many of us, with demands pulling us in different directions, it’s easy to lose track of ourselves and our path. It’s more important than ever to find time to be still and listen to our inner thoughts and feelings. The Moon Journal encourages you to sit with your thoughts in the present moment, to reflect on and accept the past, to plan and dream about the future. It gives us a framework to gently guide us through the year with compassion and kindness. It encourages us to respond to the seasons, as often we have more energy in the summer than the winter, so the journal helps us to be realistic about what expectations we set ourselves.
I’ve found the December prompts such a useful guide to reflect on the previous year, and start to plan as we approach the new year ahead. We don’t always carve out time to do this but it can be such a useful exercise. There is also bonus material online that helps with this process of reflection and planning, asking things like what was your greatest achievement last year, and what do you want in terms of health, work and family next year. I particularly love the affirmation ‘I allow my dreams to speak to me’, encouraging us to treasure them and trust our intuition to guide us.
The bonus material also provides handy visual references and summaries that you could download or print out. I personally find that when something is pinned on the wall and I see it every day it helps to keep me on track and inspired. The online community is also a great source of inspiration, where Ingvild posts regular content, videos and events so that people can participate in the moon meditations together from far and wide. 
I’d recommend Moon Journal to anyone who’d like to become more in tune with the lunar cycles and also the seasons of the year, working with each phase to bring more balance into your life through reflection and planning. If you’d like to begin or develop your meditation routine this would provide an excellent framework, creating moments in time for a focussed and specific practice. I feel inspired by what I’ve read so far and will look forward to working with this lunar meditation companion in 2020, jotting down notes on the pages and making it my own.
Taryn Peart

Moon Journal 2020 review by Chrissy Chelinski of Wise Hearts Yoga


This little book had me spellbound from the first page and I knew I was set to become a Moon Journal 2020 fan!  True, I’ve been a moon lover all my life so was easily swayed, even using the sign of the crescent moon for my signature, (yes that’s true!) and, as I’ve aged into my mid 50’s and am moving into the Crone, the moon in all her phases remains for me a source of sacred mystery, wonder and inspiration. As a Dru Yoga Teacher, just like Ingvild, the moon inspires lovely practices in my classes eg. The Salutation to the Moon sequence or the Half Moon pose. The magic of my Sidereal Moon Gong also gently bathes my students in sonic Yin moon waves during Yoga Nidra. You might even say I’m a bit of Lunatic!  

The Moon Journal  2020 drew me in from the first page of the Introduction where Ingvild  describes so beautifully  the incredible contrasts in light conditions in Bergen and how by making a conscious connection with the natural cycles of sun and moon, “the ancient ways of measuring time “ we can then begin to see the “longer lines” of the cycles of our lives. This “Almanac of Light “ was, for me, such a welcome reframing of what time is, when so much of my life is ordered by clock driven time keeping, my wrist watch, my alarm clock, mobile phone etc. I found myself turning the pages eager to learn more from the wisdom of this gentle healing approach which is embedded throughout the Moon Journal. 

For me there is another equally wonderful aspect  of the Moon Journal  2020, which is as integral to it as the Moon cycles    and that’s the Journal’s following the Celtic Wheel of the Year with all its great Cross Quarter Festivals and the two Solstices woven into the fabric of the Journal  so beautifully by Ingvild. Each page for the Festivals is illustrated in colour with an image of nature which is symbolic of that time, information about the Festival and an affirmation or prayer. As we turn the pages we can discover that each one has its own short affirmation or sankalpa at the bottom eg. “I am strong” or “I let go” and these cues support reflection on what is relevant to us as we go through the yearly cycle and so build upon a deeper appreciation of those “longer lines” of life. 

The way that Ingvild has designed the Moon Journal 2020 is that she skilfully weaves the Celtic Wheel wisdom in with affirmations for each New and Full Moon which themselves provide natural moments to pause and reflect on the achievements of the previous phase and setting new intentions going forwards.  I loved how the guidance of the year evolved from looking forward and planning ahead at the start of the year, to gratitude and a sense of plenty at the midpoint and then, as the year ends, becoming more reflective, accepting of the self as well as dreaming new dreams, sowing new seeds during the Winter time. This kept me engaged as a Journal devotee because this Moon Journal brings both freshness on every page but also an organic continuity which is so very well crafted by the writer.

To conclude,  journeying through the cycle of the year of Moon Journal 2020, I found that Ingvild was a kindly and wise guide – she reveals  how to get the most out of using the journal for personal growth, reminds me to focus on what I want for myself rather than what I don’t want – therefore, in my opinion, the Moon Journal is a very positive tool for growth that is compassionate enough to acknowledge that changing course in the present and letting go of what is not in our highest good is really okay to do.  Beautifully written and designed with additional free resources online too to complement the Journal, I certainly recommend The Moon Journal 2020 to Women everywhere, Yoginis or not, to Yoga teachers seeking inspiration for  class themes and to all Moon Lovers – a Perfect New Year’s gift for them all.  


Chrissy Chelinski

Moon Journal 2020 review by Guro Hadland, Bergen


After more than a decade as a city inhabitant, my connection with the rhythm of the seasons had become somewhat unreliable. Working with the Moon Journal 2019 (and participating in Prestegård’s yoga classes) has helped me establish a new connection, and given me a new understanding and appreciation of each season and the seasonal changes. Even February has its charm.
At first, I read through the meditations, pausing on questions and affirmations that resonated and opened up new thoughts and perspectives. The meditations and affirmations are helpful just as they are, writing down my thoughts and plans makes them even more powerful. The Moon Journal is a wonderful way to harness your energy and all the things you want to do.
I started using the Moon Journal 2019 in July, and I look forward to begin 2020 along with a new Moon Journal. The only difference between Moon Journal 2019 and Moon Journal 2020 is that the latter has less one-page-images, so it is ten pages shorter. The text for the meditations have been updated, and I am curious to see what new discoveries I will make with them.

Guro Hadland

Moon Journal 2020 review by Lucy Bannister, of Lucyoga


As a yoga teacher, a Plant Spirit Healer and Reiki practitioner it would be fair to assume that journalling is a comfortable and well-used tool for me. But actually it isn’t!  I find it hard to know where to start, or where to end. I find the pages blank and uninspiring. I often end up feeling overwhelmed by the many suggestions available as to how to reflect, plan, affirm and find I do none of them.

With that in mind I have been actively looking for something that will gently guide me and offer me a step into the world of journalling. I specifically wanted a guide that used the lunar cycles, the seasons, the cycle of the year and the relationship of all these things to the Divine Feminine archetypes of Mother – Maiden – Crone. 

Amazingly I have found all these in the Moon Journal, combined with an emphasis on meditation, another practice that I want to rekindle in the next year.

The book itself is a pleasing size that feels comforting. It gives the sense of being something special (a trait I appreciate in any meditation/contemplation companion) but not a weighty tome. 

Inside the Moon Journal’s covers are calmly laid out pages relating to each new and full moon cycle for the whole year, punctuated with the seasonal festivals, titled by their Pagan names. This gives a beautifully circular feel to the book, rather than a linear start and end. 

After being gently introduced to the concept by Ingvild’s foreword you are then led to online material that helps to contextualise and expand on the book itself. Here I have found PDFs that I will print out and place in strategic places around my home – a beautiful illustration of the Wheel of the Year, affirmations, a gratitude journal and a year planner.

The Year Planner is a wonderfully concise approach to something I usually have trouble with. A few well chosen questions help guide reflections on the year you are leaving and the one you are heading into. I feel I can do this. It’s not going to make me feel swamped by expectations but will help me to assess positively what I have achieved in the year past and what I want to prioritise going forward.

Notably the Moon Journal isn’t superfluous. It is straight-forward, grounded and practical. But it deals with concepts that will take me on a journey to parts of myself that are often ignored in my (far too) busy life.

I am excited to put my pen to the pages. To be guided by Ingvild’s steady presence, which I can feel on every page, and to be part of the community she has created online. This is where the Moon Journal really embraces the true essence of our modern lives – time to be reflective, quiet, still and alone and then bring that back to connect with others around the globe through her Facebook page. A beautiful balancing act of inner work and outer connection.

I can see how the Moon Journal connects us back to the cycles of the earth, to the passage of the moon, and how to embrace the fact that we as humans have cycles through our years and our lives. Bring on 2020!


Lucy Bannister
@lucy_yoga (Twitter/Instagram)


Moon Journal 2020 review by Tobias Oliver, of Toby yoga

Whether you are already a seasoned meditator or simply want to give meditation a go, the Moon Journal is an ideal companion. Tailored to the changing of the seasons and the phases of the moon it is clear, concise and wonderfully easy to follow. And beautifully combines three of my favourite things; meditation, journaling and the natural world. It’s a progressively powerful tool for personal enquiry, self-development and goal setting. I especially loved (and am supported by) the affirmations, reflective questions and Ingvild’s warm and friendly approach. As the year unfolds, you’re certain to find yourself feeling more in-tune with yourself and more aligned to the greater world around you. The addition, this year, of bonus online material and Facebook community allows you to deepen and develop your experience even further. Prepare for a wonderful year of personal fulfilment – with the Moon Journal 2020 the sky’s the limit!


Tobias Oliver

Moon Journal 2020 review by Mary Griffiths, of Body and Soul Yoga


Like the author, Ingvild, I am a Dru yoga teacher, although I’m based in East London where we are much less moon aware than in Norway.  I used last year’s journal with my classes to set themes and to focus their attention on the moon and how it affects us all.  I’m a complete beginner to moon meditations myself so it was great to have the journal and its additional online support to guide me.  I’m looking forward to using the 2020 Moon Journal in a similar way.  It is really a notebook with meditation prompts and simple affirmations reflecting the moon phases.  It can’t be used as a traditional diary because only the new and full moon dates are included but it’s a useful resource for anyone wanting to start a lunar meditation practice.               

The preface gives a brief outline of the book and includes instructions on how to use it.  I particularly like the Wheel illustration as it shows the year split into different seasons, punctuated by the ancient pagan festivals and new and full moon phases.  Ingvild supplies online bonus material which you can print and use as an overview of the monthly cycles linking last year with this year and next.  I suggest making a moon vision board with the bonus material to help keep your plans and intentions in mind.  The bonus material really helps with future and past reflections.  There are regular videos posted on the Facebook community page to encourage your practice and explain the seasons as they occur which is a great motivator.  

The meditations themselves are very short.  It is a good idea to read them at night either outdoors or inside by a window and then to repeat the affirmations throughout the day.  I used the meditations during the closing part of my classes to encourage students to reflect on the season during their week.

Using last year’s journal definitely made me more aware of the moon and how it affects me as an individual.  It has been my first experience of lunar focused meditation and it’s proved an interesting journey.  I’m looking forward to building on this next year and using both journals to notice changes in myself.  As I become more aware of how the moon affects me I should be able to live more positively.

I recommend the journal for anyone interested in learning more about the moon and its influence on our lives.  The Moon Journal will help you to gather your personal reflections into a usable format and linking in with the Facebook Community and bonus materials will keep you motivated through the year with Ingvild there to encourage you in person through her Facebook videos.

Mary Griffiths

Dru Yoga Instructor / Body and Soul Yoga


Moon Journal 2020 review av Line I. Aakermann, Bergen


Moon Journal 2020 er en positiv og oppløftende dagbok jeg bruker til personlig vekst og utvikling.

Meditasjonene til hver ny- og fullmåne er varme og fine. Det er lett å sette et mål som passer meditasjonen, uansett nivå. Og ved å lese meditasjonene jevnlig, og gjerne skrive noen ord selv, modnes tankene underveis, og bevisstheten rundt målet jeg har satt, øker.

Meditasjonene passer veldig godt til årstidene, slik at de varierer i takt med lyset og naturen rundt oss. For meg gir det en ekstra følelse av jordnærhet og å være i ett med naturen.

Boken blir også veldig personlig etterhvert som månefasene skifter og tiden går, siden det er mye plass til å skrive ned egne tanker og betraktninger. Den gir rom for evaluering og justering underveis dersom det er nødvendig, i tillegg til en påminnelse om å se tilbake og notere hvilke mål som er oppnådd. Selv synes jeg det da er lettere å holde fokus, og å definere hva som fungerer og ikke.

Etter å ha brukt boken en stund, er jeg nå trygg på at det er helt i orden å sette samme mål på nytt, eller å tillate meg selv å bruke lenger tid enn først planlagt, fordi den varme og oppløftende atmosfæren i boken gjør at jeg lettere holder fokus med en positiv innstilling. Jeg er god nok. Det har etterhvert også blitt lettere å sette grenser for meg selv, og å gi slipp på ting som tapper meg for krefter, eller ikke gir meg noe som helst.

Det at meditasjonene er så positive og varme, gjør at uansett hvor langt nede jeg er, vil det å lese og fundere over dem, litt hver dag, tilslutt snu negative tanker og følelser til en mer trygg og god selvfølelse og fornøyelig tilværelse.

Boken anbefales til alle som kunne tenke seg en litt annerledes dagbok med varme og omtanke for seg selv, for personlig vekst og utvikling, til alle som liker å filosofere og undre seg over både månen, lyset, naturen og sin egen plass i alt dette, til de som har behov for litt ekstra støtte og hjelp for å komme ut av noe negativt, og ellers alle som bare ønsker å være litt ekstra god med seg selv.


Line I. Aakermann

Moon Journal 2020 review by Suzy Hall


What a wonderful book!  The introduction sets the tone for what we are about to receive from the journal.  

What impresses me the most is the constant thoughts of what we want in our lives and the updating of these as the moon goes through the phases.  Thinking on the more positive side of life and taking negative feelings as a learning because of course life isn’t all plain sailing.  The more we bring the positive aspect to our lives the less concerns and worries we should eventually have. 

I like the affirmations provided and perhaps when spoken out loud they will resonate more deeply.  


Suzy Hall

Moon Journal 2019 review by Mary Griffiths, of Body and Soul yoga


I’m really excited to have been asked to review the Moon Journal 2019, especially as the author, Ingvild Skodvin Prestegard, is a fellow Dru teacher and so the journal really resonates with my own teaching and the way Dru yoga incorporates positive statements and affirmations in every sequence and asana.

The book is a handy paperback size and very practical to carry around and use on a daily basis.  There is plenty of space to record personal thoughts and feelings throughout the year.  But, don’t expect it to replace a traditional diary.  The focus is entirely on the major phases of the moon so there are only two dates given each month (the new and the full moon).  The year itself is split into eight sections rather twelve, explained in the introduction as the Wheel of the Year marking the changes of daylight.

Ingvild invites you to use the space provided (partly lined and partly blank) to record your intentions and achievements at each stage.  Your reflections could take the form of writing, drawings or a mixture of both depending on what works best for you.  She also suggests that you look back at your previous entries so that you can reflect on your progress.  Each moon stage is accompanied by a few sentences to use as the focus for meditation with a positive statement (affirmation) in blue italics at the bottom of the same page.

I really like the practical workbook style of this journal and how Ingvild supports you with bonus online material (for example, you can download a larger version of the Wheel of the Year as a meditation aid).  She also has a thriving online community on Facebook where you can share your experience of the journal with others and find videos explaining the moon phases further.  This makes the journal more of a starting point than just a publication in itself and it’s up to you to exploit the resources Ingvild provides to turn the journal into something special and personal by the end of next year.  This is definitely not a book to leave gathering dust on a shelf.

I was surprised at first that only the major phases were actually printed with dates but you could always write the other days in yourself and maybe even note personal feeling and emotions – keeping daily reflections to just one or two words.  The journal’s simplicity makes it easier to remain focused on the moon phases.  The photographs of nature, some clearly taken in the author’s home country of Norway, are lovely and illustrate the seasons well.  The meditations are short but appropriate to each season.  They are a great starting point for guided meditations and I will be using them in my classes next year, but I think the “meditation” segments need to be more detailed to use alone at home.

On the whole, the Moon Journal is a brilliant resource for teachers and lay people alike.  It is available on Amazon for £17.65 which isn’t cheap for such a simple book but worth it when you consider the additional online support and content the author provides.  I’m definitely looking forward to using the journal to follow the moon phases in my classes next year.

This review is my honest and unbiased personal opinion.  I have not received compensation, monetary or otherwise, other than a complimentary copy of the journal.

Moon Journal 2019 review by Alison Belsom, of Sunfish yoga


If you have attended any of my Dru yoga classes, you may already be familiar with one of my favourite sequences, the Moon Salutations. These form a beautiful flowing sequence which helps to bring balance to the endocrine and chakra systems. This sequence, together with meditation, a growing awareness of the phases of the moon, and, for women, an awareness of our own monthly cycles, has been a large part of my approach when teaching Dru yoga classes.

So I was very happy indeed to be asked to review ‘Moon Journal 2019’ by the author and fellow Dru yoga teacher, Ingvild Skodvin Prestegard. Subtitled ‘A Lunar Meditation Companion’, this little book is  a place to learn more about each phase of the moon, and the gifts these confer as we bring our awareness to them.

With affirmations for each New Moon and Full Moon for the coming year, which can be used in meditation and in reflection, each matched to the time of the year and the seasonal changes we experience, the Journal will heighten our awareness of the effects the Lunar phases have on us.  There is ample space for the reader’s own reflections, for goal setting and reviewing progress from month to month. This is enhanced by beautiful photos of nature.

When I received my copy, I read it in its entirety, and am so looking forward to using the Journal throughout the coming year. If you feel connected to the moon, this will enhance that connection.  And if you barely feel that connection as yet, but would like to do to, then the knowledge you will gain from working through this journal will surely help you in that journey.