Dear Moon Journaler, welcome to your online bonus material

How to use Moon Journal 2020


As a Moon Journal community member you are welcome to download the pdf-files to the right. These are tools designed to give you a better overview of the year as a whole. You may want to print them out and keep with your daily planner, thus bridging your everyday activities with the inner work of Moon Journal 2020: A Lunar Meditation Companion. If you’d like to purchase more copies of the book, click on the image to the right.


Using this bonus material will assist you in making the most of Moon Journal 2020 – and making it your workbook, your meditation companion. The annual and seasonal overviews will frame each new and full moon beautifully.


The first download is the Wheel of the year, as published in Moon Journal 2020. It’s a lovely way of thinking of time, the moon and the seasons throughout the year.


The second download is a planning and evaluation tool. It is for seeing the headlines of the year that’s behind, and drawing them up for the year that’s ahead. As you come towards the end of 2020, you may like to repeat the process, so there’s a sheet for that too.


The third downloads a simple overview of the seasonal meditations from the book, here set out side-by-side so that you can plan, observe your progress or adjust your goals as needed. By referring back to the annual goals you set earlier, as well the meditations for each season, you can do some very practical intermediate planning and thereby drawing on the best of what each season has to offer. It’s a lovely way to get the most out of the different energies of the seasons, and to keep you focused on what you want to be working on.

I have also included a complete list of all the affirmations from Moon Journal 2020. Feel free to work with them throughout the year, repeating as often as necessary.

Finally there is a simple gratitude journal – the sheet covers a month at a time. For those of you who don’t already work with gratitude journals this is a wonderfully empowering tool as you first of all train your gratitude muscle and secondly see how much you are truly grateful for in your life. I suggest you keep them in a safe place and look through them every once in a while as they help give you perspective.


Allow yourself to be guided by the meditations, and I hope you will also join us in our online community. Here you are welcome to meditate, share your thoughts and reflections, and grow together as the year goes. I look forward to seeing you there!



With love, Ingvild